We Make School More Fun.

We are the student council of Turun Normaalikoulu Upper Secondary School. Our task is to organize fun events for our students to make the school year more enjoyable.

About Us

STUCO is the student council of the school. Our job is to forward the students' opinions to the teachers and to improve the school spirit.

We have regular meetings open to any student, where these things are discussed and planned. STUCO members are picked at the beginning of the school year through elections amongst the classes. Two representatives are picked from each class.

We plan activities such as Halloween, culture day, and theme weeks. We hope to bring people together!

For questions, contact your class' representative, Silja Tiittanen (the chairperson), Martta Jalava (the vice chair) or us on Instagram (@tnkopkh).

View Our Members
Some of the STUCO members in the school auditorium